Holiday for Stoics

But perhaps this is the very season when we should be keeping the soul under strict control, making it unique in abstaining from pleasure when the crowd are all on pleasure bent. If the soul succeeds in avoiding either heading or being carried away in the direction of the temptations that lead people into extravagant living, no surer proof of its strength of purpose can be vouchsafed it. Remaining dry and sober takes a good deal more strength of will when everyone about one is puking drunk; it takes a more developed sense of fitness, on the other hand, no to make of oneself a person apart, to be neither indistinguishable from those about one not conspicuous by one’s difference, to do the same things but not in quite the same manner. For a holiday can be celebrated without extravagant festivity.

Seneca | Letters to Lucilius XVIII

Holiday is a celebration of life and not an event to showcase wealth nor an opportunity to indulge in festivity more than you can consume and afford. A piece of bread shared with people dearest to you is far better than a buffet with strangers.

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