Stoics on travel

So long a tour and such diversity of scene have not enabled you to throw off melancholy and this feeling of depression? A change of character, not a change of air, is what you need.


The media successfully sold the idea of travelling whether abroad or domestic, for soul searching, a medium to ease depression, the new status symbol etc. But most of the time expectations are not met with these travels and the pressing problems remain the same for people.

If you’re trying to address depression and you think moving away will solve your problem, the great minds of the past think otherwise.

How can you wonder your travels do you no good, when you carry yourself around with you? You are saddled with the very thing that drove you away.


If you can’t find happiness from where you are will not find it elsewhere, for there will always somewhere better to where you are. No matter how fast you go and travel, that thing that brings misery to your life will always be on a striking distance.

You are running away in your own company. You have to lay aside the load on your spirit. Until you do that, nowhere will satisfy you.


What’s the point of running then? To have appease with oneself is the ultimate goal, amor fati. Resistance with what fate gives us is what causing the pain, the inability to accept dispreferred stream of events in our life, the lack of strength to forgive others and ourselves is the primary culprit.

You may be banished to the ends of the earth, and yet in whatever outlandish corner of the world you may find yourself stationed, you find that place, whatever is may be like, a hospitable home.


Instead of travelling you are rambling and drifting, exchanging one place for another when the thing you are looking for, the good life, is available everywhere.


Civilzation have provided us with unprecedented capabilities including but not limited to traveling the world and seeing its majestic beauty. Doesn’t mean we can, we should. A lot of people used this ability to get away from their daily life, to change their environment and as an escape to reality, just to return once the vacation is over. Embrace fate as it happens and know what is within your control and not, and the courage to take action would enable someone to achieve what he/she hopes that travel would provide.

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