Why philosophy only benefits the philosopher

When you meet someone who studies philosophy you will know the difference immediately compared to someone who doesn't. They address situations in an intellectual and logical manner, not letting their immediate emotions cloud their decisions. However, their action can make some people uncomfortable because of being uncommon. Due to the expected response unmet, this breeds… Continue reading Why philosophy only benefits the philosopher

How to do more

Whenever you think that you've done enough and you're good for the day. Think again. If you're comparing yourself and what you were able to produce or accomplish to an average person, you may feel good about yourself but you will only dig yourself deeper in that delusion. Although you may have done more than… Continue reading How to do more

My Aviation Story | Immigrant Student Pilot

It still feels like yesterday. Never in my wildest dream or sporadic day dreaming did it occur to me that I'll be able to fly one day. If you tell me that I'll be a pilot 5 years ago, I'll probably think that you're crazy. Cause like I said, I never dreamed of becoming a… Continue reading My Aviation Story | Immigrant Student Pilot