I just finished watching the documentary about Hillary Clinton on Netflix from her beginnings, trials and triumphs and I must admit that it did change my perception of her. I was one of those people victimized by fake news and black propaganda about her that took that email controversy against her without knowing all the… Continue reading HILLARY | UNEQUIVOCAL


When I was young just like any other teenagers or young adults, I was resentful of the hardship, the unfairness of life or dispreferred circumstances I had to dealt with. The sense of entitlement that you deserve better, thinking that those events are holding you back from the life that you want to live, if… Continue reading JOURNEY TO RESILIENCE


The future is wrapped around by uncertainty and when tough time comes it just makes coping harder. What life will throw our way is way beyond our control and fear and anxiety will not do you good, unfortunately it is our default setting. The amygdala taking over our logical and objective thinking, looking for what's… Continue reading HOW TO HANDLE TOUGH TIMES

Your job is not the problem, at least it pays the bills.(hopefully)

It's Sunday night and as you look forward for the next day it makes you feel as if you're about to enter a horror house and your blood is rushing, your heart is pumping, when in fact it's just Monday and start of your work week. If you're dreading Monday all the time, maybe because… Continue reading Your job is not the problem, at least it pays the bills.(hopefully)