My Aviation Story | Immigrant Student Pilot

It still feels like yesterday. Never in my wildest dream or sporadic day dreaming did it occur to me that I'll be able to fly one day. If you tell me that I'll be a pilot 5 years ago, I'll probably think that you're crazy. Cause like I said, I never dreamed of becoming a… Continue reading My Aviation Story | Immigrant Student Pilot

Aviation | Runway

Runway Length and Width Runways are generally dimensioned to accommodate an aircraft considered to be the critical aircraft. “the aircraft identified as having themost demanding operational requirements with respect tothe determination of movement area dimensions, and otheraerodrome physical characteristics at the aerodrome orpart thereof” To identify the critical aircraft, flight manual performance data of a… Continue reading Aviation | Runway

Aviation | Incident & Accident

Transportation Safety Board of Canada Aviation Safety Investigation: The purpose of an aviation safety investigation into an aircraft accident of incident is to prevent a recurrence; It is not to determine or apportion blame or liability. Aviation Occurence: Any accident of incident associated with the operation of an aircraft, andany situation or condition that the… Continue reading Aviation | Incident & Accident

Pre-Flight Planning Procedure

ROUTE SELECTION Q: What are the VFR Cruising Altitudes? Are they based on true or magnetic track?A: VFR cruising altitude starts at 3,000' AGLEAST (000º to 179º) Odd thousand + 500 feet | WEST (180º to 359º) Even thousand + 500 feetIn Southern Domestic Airspace, cruising altitude are based on magnetic track (magnetic heading) and… Continue reading Pre-Flight Planning Procedure

Weight and Balance | Loading

TC AIM RAC 3.5 Q: What does useful load refers to?A: It is the difference between takeoff weight and the basic empty weight. In other words, it is the load which is removable, usable fuel, pilot, passenger, baggage, etc. Q: What is the payload?A: It is the load available as passengers, baggage, etc. after the… Continue reading Weight and Balance | Loading

Manoeuvres and Emergency Landings

Sideslip Forward Slip Sideslip Q:What is the difference between Sideslip and Forward slip?A:In the sideslip, the longitudinal axis is parallel to the runway. The sideslip is used for crosswind landings. In forward slip, the longitudinal axisis not parallel to the runway centerline. The forward slip is used to lose altitude without increasing the airspeed. It… Continue reading Manoeuvres and Emergency Landings

Aeroplane Performance

Students must quote from memory certain performance speeds and readily determine from Pilot's Operating Handbook any other operational data for the aeroplane being used for the flight test. Memorize essentials airspeeds: Cessna 152 Engine: 4 - cylinder horizontally opposed, 110 rated BHP, 233.3 displacement, Air cooled, Fuel: 100LL - 100Oil: MIL-L 22851Min - Max… Continue reading Aeroplane Performance