When I was young just like any other teenagers or young adults, I was resentful of the hardship, the unfairness of life or dispreferred circumstances I had to dealt with. The sense of entitlement that you deserve better, thinking that those events are holding you back from the life that you want to live, if… Continue reading JOURNEY TO RESILIENCE

How to capitalize on failure

Today I wrote my instrument rating exam (INRAT), A 50 items exam and the passing grade is 70% or 35 correct items. After three grueling hours, I manage to get 66% or 33 items correct, almost a pass. The exam is a prerequisite of the instrument rating which is required in most airline companies. Having… Continue reading How to capitalize on failure

My Aviation Story | Immigrant Student Pilot

It still feels like yesterday. Never in my wildest dream or sporadic day dreaming did it occur to me that I'll be able to fly one day. If you tell me that I'll be a pilot 5 years ago, I'll probably think that you're crazy. Cause like I said, I never dreamed of becoming a… Continue reading My Aviation Story | Immigrant Student Pilot

Aviation | Runway

Runway Length and Width Runways are generally dimensioned to accommodate an aircraft considered to be the critical aircraft. “the aircraft identified as having themost demanding operational requirements with respect tothe determination of movement area dimensions, and otheraerodrome physical characteristics at the aerodrome orpart thereof” To identify the critical aircraft, flight manual performance data of a… Continue reading Aviation | Runway

Aviation | Incident & Accident

Transportation Safety Board of Canada Aviation Safety Investigation: The purpose of an aviation safety investigation into an aircraft accident of incident is to prevent a recurrence; It is not to determine or apportion blame or liability. Aviation Occurence: Any accident of incident associated with the operation of an aircraft, andany situation or condition that the… Continue reading Aviation | Incident & Accident