We are all travelers in this journey that we call life. No matter where you want to go, someone’s already been there and the smartest thing to do is follow the path they took to reach the same destination.

Success leaves clues.

It is a no brainier but because of all the distractions and false wisdom we are bombarded everyday, a lot of people end up lost. Following a  wrong map. It’s like being in the busy streets of Manila and using a map of New York, it’ll just won’t work.

My goal is guide readers as we navigate along this journey with the aid of the great minds through their works, book, interviews etc.  As technology progress, society goes the opposite way, making the world and relationships dysfunctional thru false information and conditioning in favor of the people with influence and power to exploit the rest of the world.

Join me in the quest for knowledge and truth, hopefully it serves a purpose to your life.